Brother Wisdom

Brother Wisdom had his business put on hold during the Covid lock down due to his business goods being imported in from China. Prior to this time, He had investors which he paid 15% quarterly, and continued to do so even in the lock down. As the lockdown took its toll on his business, he resorted to investment schemes to grow his business money rather than have them idling away in banks, but unfortunately, they all folded up.

One of his investors was a friend of his who resided in Canada and had invested $2,000 in Brother Wisdom's business. He was due for repayment of his capital by August 20 2021, and when he spoke with Brother Wisdom during the period of the 8 days of "Behold His Glory", program, he insisted on having his capital repaid to him on that date despite Brother Wisdom's request to be given extra 6 months to repay considering the lockdown. However, 30 minutes later, He sent a message to Brother Wisdom cancelling the debt completely. He even suggested an idea to help Brother Wisdom's business thrive better.

Brother Wisdom said he knew that this happened because of the Behold The Glory program during which the Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal prophesied there would be debt cancellation. Glory To God!



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