Brother John Jay

Brother John Jay thanked God concerning members of his family. His elder sister is a nurse in the United States and during the Covid19 fiasco, she was given an ultimatum to get vaccinated or get laid off from the job; meanwhile, she had an outstanding mortgage she was paying so she needed that job. When she called him, he prayed with her and started sending her Pastor's videos. She got laid off eventually but they kept praying. Shortly afterwards, she needed to be certified as a nurse so she could move to any State where the laws are less strict and she decided to go for it but she had no money. Miraculously, a man from the company she used to work for called her up and got her a loan from to go for the program without any conditions. When she went for the program she was turned down at the first place because she wasn't vaccinated and she miraculously got a call to come to another place where the laws are favourable. Praise God! 



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